People for Animals helps out with pet hoarder case

Authorities removed nineteen dogs and puppies from a Readington Township home because the 66-year old woman could not care properly for them.

Excerpts from article:

Diane O’Donnell is president of People for Animals Spay/Neuter & Rescue Clinic in Hillside and owner of Longhill Kennel in Hillsborough. “I’ve seen worse,” she said. “They were extremely dirty and smelled like ammonia,” from their own urine.


The township’s animal control officers turned them over to her. The dogs were promptly washed and had their nails clipped and “none of them growled, there were no bites. They’re not at all aggressive,” O’Donnell said. “They’re good dogs, they’re adoptable. All of them.”


All are receiving vaccinations and being spayed or neutered before being released for adoption.

Please make a donation to help with medical bills for all these pups! Part of the proceeds from our upcoming FIDO FIESTA dog walk on Sunday, May 5th will also go to helping these dogs.

Read the full article at Jailed woman surrenders her 19 dogs, 3 puppies, authorities looking for new homes.