PFA Programs

Low Cost Spay/Neuter: PFA performs more spay/neuter procedures in our clean, professional, and well-equipped facilities each year than any other provider in NJ. Because of our surgeons’ expertise utilizing the latest techniques, smaller incisions, and shorter anesthesia time, our patients suffer very little pain and have a fast recovery.

SpayShuttle: Our fleet of SpayShuttle vans (f/k/a Neuter Scooter) transport thousands of animals annually from designated locations to allow pet owners and animal welfare groups access to our low cost clinics. PFA partners with local animal welfare groups, shelters, and pet supply stores (Petco, Petland Discounts, and independent small businesses) which serve as a pick-up and drop-off locations, making low cost spay/neuter accessible to many who have difficulty reaching our clinics.

Wellness Services: PFA’s Wellness Services Program offers affordable routine pet care to the general public and animal welfare groups. The primary goals of the program are two-fold: 1) encourage early spay/neuter to prevent countless “accidental pregnancies”; and 2) make pet ownership more affordable, thus reducing shelter surrenders and increasing the number of homes available to shelter animals. This program has the added benefit of providing revenue, allowing the organization to be self-supporting.

Community Cat Program: PFA’s staff assists in the education of community members to Trap Neuter Vaccinate and Return Community We offer consultation and assistance to municipalities seeking to start a TNR program.

Rescue: PFA’ operates a small, all-volunteer dog rescue specializing in elderly dogs and dogs with medical needs. PFA’s rescue is not a participant in the State’s APC Program since all our rescued animals are spayed/neutered prior to adoption WITHOUT EXCEPTION. The clinics, however, are registered providers for the program.

TNR Workshops: PFA conducts TNR training workshops regularly at each clinic and offers these workshops in the field for interested organizations that wish to promote TNR in their communities.

Public Policy Advocacy: PFA offers expert consultation to promote humane public policy to elected officials at every level of government. We have successfully advocated for Humane Feral Cat Population Control (TNR) in many NJ counties and municipalities.

TNR Sponsorship: Since 2014 PFA has served as Sponsor for Hillside’s feral cat population control program by providing oversight and ensuring humane treatment for Hillside’s community cats.

Partnerships: PFA believes strongly in forming partnerships and fostering cooperative relationships with other animal welfare groups in the state. We have had numerous successful partnerships and we actively seek opportunities to collaborate. We feel that it is critical for animal welfare groups to find the common ground on which we can combine our resources to accomplish our mutual goals. Together, we can achieve so much more than when we work alone.

Whole Families Program: PFA upholds the One Health approach which recognizes that the health of people, animals, and our shared environment are closely interconnected, and that the health of each part is dependent on the health of the others. Our Whole Families Program provides the support of PFA’s Social Worker to families in need to help them resolve the issues in their life that may lead to poor health in their pet or surrender to a shelter. Talking to pet parents about their needs and life challenges allows us to intervene early and help keep Whole Families together before a crisis develops.