Is PFA open for routine spay/neuter?

PFA clinics are open for routine spay/neuter for Shelters, Rescue groups and TNR. We are prioritizing appointments for those who can bring multiple animals with only one or two people transporting to the clinic. In this way, we can still meet the needs of our rescue, shelter and TNVR clients with minimal interpersonal interactions; keeping both you and us safer during the pandemic. Each clinic has its own volume requirements so please contact the clinic nearest you by phone or email for more detailed information.  Appointments for spay/neuter must be made by phone or email. The online scheduling system for spay/neuter is not open at this time.

Can we get a SpayShuttle van to pick up our animals?

The SpayShuttle program is suspended temporarily. You will need to make alternate transportation arrangements for now. We hope to have the shuttle program back up and running shortly.

Can we have our adopters or fosters drop off at the clinic for spay/neuter?

Not right now. As you know, PFA staff interact with scores of people at our clinics every day. In order to limit potential exposure of our staff, we are asking our rescue and shelter partners to help us out during the pandemic by consolidating foster or adopted animals at their facilities, and bringing all the animals to the clinic with one or two transporters.

Can we bring our adoptable animals for vaccinations, testing and other preventative care?

Yes, our clinics are open for Wellness Services by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call the clinic or go to our website to schedule online. An office visit fee applies: $15 for the first animal, $5 each additional animal seen at the same visit.

Can we bring sick animals to the clinic for treatment?

Yes, we are expanding our Wellness Services program to address minor illnesses or injuries. Appointments are required and can be made through our online appointment scheduling.  An office visit fee applies: $15 for the first animal, $5 each additional animal seen at the same visit.