The Hillside surgery days are Monday through Thursday and by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment you can click here to schedule it online or call (973)-282-0890.

If you have a dog
Check in: 7:15am
Pickup: 3:30pm
If you have a cat
Check in: 8:15am
Pick up: 4:30pm

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Spay Shuttle 1What is the SPAY SHUTTLE?

The SPAY SHUTTLE is a service offered by People for Animals that provides round-trip transportation for cats and dogs for same-day spay/neuter surgery at one of our high-quality, high-volume, low-cost SPAY

STATIONS. It is available to individuals, shelters, and rescues. The SPAY SHUTTLE is by appointment only. On the morning of your appointment, we meet you outside the pick-up location you select and transport your companion animal to our SPAY STATION. In the afternoon, after your companion animal’s surgery has been completed and he or she is fully recovered from anesthesia, the SPAY SHUTTLE brings him or her back to you at the same location.

Where does the SPAY SHUTTLE pick up animals and when?

The SPAY SHUTTLE picks up animals for spay/neuter surgery at PETCO stores throughout New Jersey as well as local stores. For a list of locations and available dates, see below.

How much does it cost to use the SPAY SHUTTLE?

Beginning August 1, 2014, individuals using the SPAY SHUTTLE will be charged a $5 transportation fee per animal.

Surgery via Spay Shuttle

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