Bottle Feeding Newborn Kittens

You’re a good samaritan and just rescued newborn kittens. First be sure there’s no mother around- Put kittens in a box or basket with towel/blanket for a little while. The mother cat may return shortly. If the mother is clearly not around, then read these instructions on bottle feeding tiny kittens.

Pet Kittens

Your cat just had kittens and you want to find them a home. Follow these steps:

  • First wait until the mother cat stops nursing (at least 6 weeks) before you give the kittens to a new home; urge the new pet owner to spay/neuter the kittens by five months or earlier- Call PFA for spay & neuter details
  • Be sure to spay the mother cat AFTER her milk dries up; call PFA for details or take the mom to the PFA Clinic on a Saturday morning or Tuesday evening for an exam and shots- then surgery will be scheduled
  • You can follow the “Tips” sheet suggestions above under “Finding a New Home For your Pet.” The goal is to find the kittens caring, loving homes.

Outside Kittens

What if you just found a litter of kittens but they’re not friendly. If the mother cat is around, then you can’t do anything until she stops nursing. Next you need to make a decision about whether or not you want to bring the kittens inside and help socialize them so they’re adoptable.

Alternatively, you may choose to leave them outside. It is urgent that you have them spayed/neutered at a young age-as early as THREE months at PFA so they won’t keep having litter after litter. Some caregivers will make a shelter for their outside cats and look after them in that situation- with food, water and health issues. There are websites that can help you with ideas for putting together a cat shelter in your yard, although this is optional.

If you choose to socialize them, here are links with specific information to follow: