Rabbits, Ferrets, Wildlife, etc.

NJ House Rabbit Society (732) 583-0278
Brookview Wildlife Center (973) 335-9011: For wild animals and birds
Raptor Trust (908) 647-2353: Birds only

Special Needs Cats & Dogs

Feline Leukemia Cats rescue in Pa. (717) 469-2540
Niki’s Felines in Andover, NJ on petfinder list
www.angelsgate.org: Special needs dog/cat rescue
bfnetwork@bestfriends.org: Resource for special rescues;(435) 644-2001 #4800: A list of Cat Sanctuaries

Pit Bulls

While there are some wonderful, well trained pit bulls, due to their bad reputation, some shelters no longer take the responsibility for finding them a new home and may elect to euthanize them instead of putting them up for adoption. Use the petfinder list on the “Tips” sheet above to contact rescues or shelters and check their policy for pit bulls.
Here are links for pit bulls that might be able to guide you:

Pure Breed Dog Rescues

www.akc.org– Lists resources for national breeders who will put you in touch with local all breed rescues in NJ or surrounding northeast.
www.animalshelter.org – Enter your zip code for a list of animal rescues and shelters in your area
www.rottrescue.org – Lists pure breed rescues in NJ and other states
www.purebredcats.org or e-mail rescue@purebredcats.org
www.siameserescuemetro.org – Includes Persians, Siamese, and Maine Coon cats