One of my colony cats is sick or injured. Can I make an appointment at PFA?

Yes, PFA is available to help with sick or injured colony cats.

  • If the cat is already spayed/neutered and ear tipped, we can see the cat for a Wellness Services appointment. We recommend that you make an appointment at the PFA clinic closest to you before trying to trap the cat. Then try to trap the cat the day or evening before the appointment. If you have already trapped the cat, we will do our best to get the cat in quickly.
  • If the cat has not yet been spayed or neutered, please make an appointment for spay/neuter. We will address any illnesses or injuries while they are in the clinic for their surgery. When you call to make an appointment, please be sure to inform the clinic that the cat is also sick or injured and needs to be treated during the same visit.

 How long will a sick or injured visit take for a community cat?

We will try to do as much as we can for the cat without handling it.  We can do a visual exam and administer injections without sedating the cat. This would take an average of 15 minutes or less.

If hands-on examination or treatment is required, it will be necessary to sedate the cat to allow safe handling. The fee for sedation is usually only $5. If sedated, it may take an hour or longer for the cat to be sufficiently recovered from sedation to be discharged. In addition, you will need a safe place to hold the trapped cat overnight. We will inform you if this is likely to be necessary so that you can plan accordingly.

I have cats in my colony that are not spayed/neutered yet. Can I make appointments now?

Yes, PFA is accepting appointments for spay/neuter for unowned outdoor cats. We also have traps that you can borrow if needed. BEFORE YOU TRAP, please call the PFA clinic nearest you for more information about when we can schedule an appointment for you.

I found kittens and the animal shelter is closed or I don’t want to take them to the animal shelter. What do I do?

If you need help with found kittens, please contact us at for guidance.