Thank you to everyone that contributed to reach our fundraising goal.

Left to live in filth, horribly neglected then left abandoned. Meme came out of her bug infested carrier with confidence and purring. Her spirit has not been broken by the severe neglect, discomfort and pain she is in. The amount of matting that had her skin twisted and pulled also caused infection.

Meme the abandoned catWhile Animal Control is busy investigating who is responsible for this cruelty, we at People for Animals are flooding her love and much need TLC. Meme’s basic medical care will include the careful removing of the matted fur that covers her entire body, treatment of the skin infections, blood work to be sure everything else is in order and a dental cleaning. After a full recovery she will be placed in a loving home.

UPDATE: Early last week Meme went for X-rays because we felt she was in a little bit of discomfort in her belly. Her X-rays showed she has a condition called Mega Colon. Thankfully this is a condition that Meme will be able to live a normal life with, as of right now she is on medication for it. She takes her medication with grace in a bit of wet food, and the medication is working well. Her blood work was not perfect but nothing of too much concern, we will be repeating it just to make sure. She is calling her self at home in one of the offices and has regular visitors that give her lots of affection. Thank you to all that have donated to her!