Job Title: Client Service Representative
Reports to: Client Services Supervisor

Job Summary: The Client Service Representative is the primary point of contact for new and existing customers. A Customer Service Representative (CSR) will assist customers with a full spectrum of services beginning with initial contact all the way through the last point of contact. A CSR is responsible for providing superior levels of customer service, including communicating effectively, handling difficult and complex customer matters that result in satisfied customers, and showing empathy to all they encounter. Working the front desk in a high-volume hectic office setting, this position acts as the gatekeeper that keeps customers informed, while working effectively with veterinary staff to keep customers moving through appointments.

Job Responsibilities
Customer Service
o Providing superior levels of customer service through prompt and courteous service in person, by phone or through email. This includes but is not limited to greeting client(s) and pet(s) by name, being friendly and understanding, while keeping the customer informed all the way through to discharge as well as clarifying continued care instructions and any follow up needed.
o Able to navigate difficult customer situations in a professional manner that results in satisfied customers as well as handling complaints and concerns with courtesy and respect.
o Maintains the well-being of clients and animals by enforcing safety and pet restraint policies.
o Responsible for accurately entering client, medical and appointment data in computer software systems.
o Responsible for accurately entering payment and refund data in computer software systems in a timely manner.
o Analyze and correctly interpret financial data in writing and electronically regarding accounts receivable.
o Correctly process payments in all forms (cash, check, credit card, voucher, etc.) securely and in compliance with PFA policies and procedures.
o Creates accurate and complete estimates of fees; able to correctly explain charges for products and services to clients.
o Responsible for answering phones quickly and in a timely manner, answering customer questions, correctly making appointments, and scheduling surgery.
o Identifies and appropriately refers client inquiries to other departments or personnel within PFA when indicated.
o Consistently provides correct and complete preoperative care instructions to clients when appropriate. Consistently provides correct and complete information concerning vaccinations and products offered at PFA in accordance with PFA policies and procedures and all applicable laws.
o Educating clients regarding surgery, wellness services and products offered at PFA. Offers appropriate products (within permitted protocols as established by PFA policies and procedures) to ensure every client and patient receives consistently high quality services.
o Assists clients by understanding and identifying assistance programs for which they may be eligible.
o Assists with the collection of data for department and clinic management.

o Responsible for preparing and maintaining medical records promptly and accurately.
o Analyzes and appropriately identifies occurrences requiring documentation in patient records. Consistently documents such occurrences promptly and correctly, using proper documentation practices and correct medical terminology when indicated.
o Navigates medical records, analyzes and interprets data to form correct conclusions in order to serve clients, identify billable services, and assist other staff members.
o Maintains confidentiality of client and patient financial and medical information.
o Responsible for file maintenance by ensuring correct information is entered, organized using the proper filing method and correcting inaccurate information using computer-based and paper files. Ensures all appropriate documentation is included to complete the patient’s record.
o Ensure proper payment-handling by securing cash register, providing correct change, ensure cash is never left unattended and following all cash handling practices as established by PFA.
o Properly and safely use equipment including computers, telephone system, fax machine, printers, copiers, cash registers, credit card machines, electronics, and other equipment.
o Responsible for identifying, invoicing, and collecting billable fees.
o Assist with collection of data for department and clinic management.
o Responsible for identifying and referring client charges for billing to the accounting department.

o Maintains a clean, organized, and clutter free work area.
o Maintains cleanliness of lobby & waiting areas including dusting, mopping, window cleaning and cleaning up urine and feces as needed.
o General housekeeping duties such as dusting, sweeping, mopping, window cleaning and others as assigned.
o Maintains sidewalk and steps approaching the clinic free of debris and feces.

o During an emergency situation, it is the customer service representative’s responsibility to attend to the client’s needs calmly while the medical staff attends to the patient.

o Regular attendance and punctuality is required. Absences and tardiness must be discussed with direct supervisor by phone or in person in a reasonable and timely manner.
o Vacations and prolonged periods of absence must be approved by the direct supervisor within a two week period in writing, or as reasonably necessary.
o Flexibility in schedule is required, including the ability to work evening, early morning and weekend hours as assigned. Overtime may be required as determined by the needs of the organization.

• All employees regardless of position may be called upon to handle animals.

• Other duties as assigned.

Education and Qualifications
• HS diploma/GED preferred
• Must speak and write English fluently and clearly in a professional manner; bilingual (English and Spanish or Portuguese) preferred.
• Highly organized with attention to detail.
• 6 months prior customer service experience required; customer service experience in veterinary service setting preferred.
• Postsecondary degree in animal sciences, dog behavior certification, or other formal training in animal welfare or related field preferred.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements
• Must embrace the mission and goals of the organization
• Service oriented, polite and professional
• Familiarity with NJ town names and counties including proper spelling
• Familiarity with dog and cat breeds, descriptive terms and knowledge of basic companion animal care preferred
• Familiarity with common veterinary medical terminology including spelling and appropriate documentation practices
• Able to follow directions and work with minimal supervision
• Ability to recognize warning signs in animal behavior
• Strong skills to multi-task in a hectic office environment
• Ability to remain professional while dealing with difficult clients or stressful situations
• Proficiency in alphabetizing files accurately
• Spelling proficiency required
• Basic typing and computer skills (MS Office products, Word & Excel; email via Gmail; experience with Impromed software a plus)
• Basic math and financial skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide; calculate sums of money)
• Ability to answer busy multi-line phone system
• Ability to understand and explain common medical issues
• Strong organizational skills
Physical Requirements/Work Environment:
• High volume, hectic veterinary office similar to a medical care/urgent care environment
• Noise level varies; animals will make noise including dogs barking, cats meowing or screeching;
telephones ringing.
• Interacting and having regular contact with animals including but not limited to dogs and cats.
• Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds without assistance.
• Must be able to sit or stand for extended periods of time (up to 8 hours).
• Must have visual and auditory acuity sufficient to allow communication via telephone, computer and on paper.
• Must be able to read, write, understand and execute written/oral instructions and information.
• Services may be provided occasionally off site, outdoors or indoors in temporary settings throughout NJ.