Job Title: Staff Veterinarian
Reports to: Director of Veterinary Services

Job Summary
This position performs surgeries in a high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter setting and/or provides Wellness Services in a high-volume low-cost setting. Patients include cats and dogs primarily belonging to low- and middle-income pet owners, homeless adoptable cats and dogs, and free-roaming cats. Some animals may be very large and/or fractious. He/she also performs physical examinations on patients to ensure their candidacy for surgery and evaluation of appropriateness for preventative Wellness Services. Surgeons may also teach spays/neuters of cats and dogs using standardized surgical techniques in accordance with company policies, veterinary standards and all applicable laws.

Job Responsibilities
Customer Service/Animal Care
• Performs high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter surgical procedures using accepted standard techniques and in accordance with PFA policy.
• Performs other surgical procedures in accordance with company policy and as appropriate upon request of client.
• Perform pre-surgical assessments (or visual assessment of fractious animals) on surgical candidates to determine if animals are acceptable anesthetic/surgical candidates.
• Documents findings, actions, and all other medical/surgical information as appropriate in patient medical records.
• Provides veterinary oversight and treatments during Wellness Services shifts in-clinic or off-site in accordance with accepted veterinary standards, company policies/protocols and all applicable laws.
• Examine, diagnose and treat post-surgical medical complications of animals spayed/neutered at PFA as needed.
• Deals with customer concerns pertaining to medical or surgical issues as needed. Notifies clients of mortalities, positive test results, or other medical findings as needed.

• Maintains NJ veterinary licensure as required by law. Obtains continuing education as required by licensing bodies and/or PFA.
• Advocates, promotes and otherwise endeavors to advance the positive reputation and standing of the organization.
• Participates in and/or reviews minutes of quarterly veterinary staff meetings. Attends staff meetings and training sessions as required.
• Assists with and participates in veterinarian training and veterinary student externship programs upon request of Director of Veterinary Services.
• Maintains familiarity with and adheres to company policy.
• Schedule –
• Regular attendance is required; vacations, callouts and tardiness must be discussed with direct supervisor by phone or in person.
• Flexibility in schedule is required, including the ability to work evening, early morning and weekends. Overtime may be needed as determined by the needs of the organization.

• Animal handling is required.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Education and Qualifications
• Must embrace the mission and goals of the organization; have sincere interest in advancing the objectives determined by the Board of Directors.
• Must have current New Jersey State Veterinary License.
• Must have Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree or equivalent.
• Prior experience or training in high-volume spay/neuter setting preferred.
• Must speak and write clear and fluent English. Bilingual (English and Spanish) preferred.
• Must be interested in animal welfare population control and serving low-income communities.
• Must possess ability to work in high-volume, fast-paced clinic environment (occasionally in various locations or off-site).
• Must possess ability to maintain good working relationship with clients and staff members.
• Must possess ability to work independently as well as part of team.
• Must maintain open mind regarding changes and be willing to learn, implement, and teach new protocols.
• Must be able to analyze and define problems, collect and organize data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions. Able to develop and implement creative solutions to complex and abstract problems.
• Must be able to read, analyze and interpret scientific and technical journals, financial reports, and legal documents. Able to present complex technical information to non-medical management, public groups, and the board of directors in comprehensible language.

Physical Requirements/Work Environment
• High volume, hectic veterinary office similar to medical care/urgent care environment
• Noise level varies; animals will make noise including dogs barking, cats meowing or screeching, equipment alerts noises.
• Must be able to stand and walk for up to 10 hours.
• Must be able to read, write legibly, and communicate clearly in English both in person and on the telephone. Ability to communicate with professionalism and tact.
• Must be able to bend, kneel and reach repeatedly; must be able to work, reach and lift on hands and knees.
• Must be able to grasp, hold, and manipulate objects varying from small and fine to large and heavy with both hands.
• Must be able to safely and competently operate equipment pertinent to carrying out job duties with proper training.
• Must be able to function effectively during emergency situations.
• Must be able to cope with death adequately so as to offer appropriate support to bereaved owner.
• Must be able to view, smell or hear physical symptoms or medical problems, read medical instruments, and follow handwritten instructions.
• Must be able to perceive, evaluate, respond and react quickly to visual, olfactory or auditory signals, warnings, or communication from other staff, animals, or medical equipment.
• Services may be provided occasionally off site, outdoors or indoors in temporary settings throughout NJ.