Sweet Pea’s story:

Jane, our compassionate Executive Director, came across a terrified, elderly, terrier mix, homeless without a name, laying in her own urine in a local shelter. As Jane approached the cage she said, “Hi Sweet Pea,” and this poor bewildered girl lifted her head. Jane knew that PFA had to rescue her. Unable to walk, Jane carried Sweet Pea outside, where she was so relieved to be outside she managed a few steps on her own.

Sweet Pea was taken for a full medical evaluation and sadly diagnosed with a large, inoperable abdominal tumor. Caroline, our hospice foster mom, stepped right up and took Sweet Pea home with her, ready and willing to make her last few months as comfortable as possible.


Sweet Pea was relaxed and contented in her hospice home and quickly caught the eye of Macho, a Jack Russell mix who was also being provided with hospice care. The two became fast friends laying and cuddling together at every chance.

Sweet Pea lived four happy months with Macho and Caroline before losing her life to cancer. Missing her, Macho followed Sweet Pea over the rainbow bridge just a few weeks later.

We desperately need your help to continue to provide the love and care for homeless animals like Sweet Pea and Macho.

Please support the Sweet Pea fund to enable People for Animals to help animals in dire situations.