Planning on tidying your house? You can help animals at the same time! Hold a yard sale to support PFA!!

When it comes to putting together a yard sale it is a good idea to make it a team effort. Multi-family, team, or group yard sales tend to attract more shoppers. Plus, by getting others in on your efforts to do some charity work, they too might feel motivated to do some good as well. You’ll raise even more funds for PFA!

Next, do a quick check to make sure that your town (call the town Clerk’s office), city, or home owners association allows yard sales, or if you need to have a permit to host one. Many towns in NJ require a permit to hold a yard sale.

Set the day of the sale and get ready to spread the word. 

You may want to set up a fundraising page on Facebook or social media to allow friends and family who may not be able to attend your yard sale to still help support your fundraising day!

Advertising Your Sale

It’s best to advertise at least one week in advance. It’s important to mention that the proceeds of your sale will be going to support People for Animals. This will often motivate people not only to come to your sale but to be quite generous in their purchases. 

Example advertisement for you to share: 

Come find a treasure and support local animals at our Yard Sale to benefit People for Animals!! PFA, founded in 1980, is an independent nonprofit animal welfare organization. PFA provides access to affordable veterinary care with locations in Hillside, Robbinsville, Clayton and two mobile vans they reach all areas of NJ. Last year PFA served over 35,000 animals!

Just add a few lines explaining why you chose to support PFA. For example, 

  • I love PFA, they have helped me with my beloved pet and I want to help them to help more animals! 
  • PFA helps me save feral cats! They do so much to help cats in NJ we need to support them!
  • PFA helps people care for their pets every day. I want to help PFA bring services to more families in need! 

Some suggestions to advertise your yard sale:

  • Online classifieds such as,,
  • Create an event page via Facebook or other social media outlets.
  • Post flyers on community bulletin boards. 
  • Yard sale signs. Put up lots of signs that lead people straight to your sale!

Tips for Yard Sale Pricing

Price items about a third to a fourth of the original price when it was new, people tend to be more generous when the proceeds are going to a charity, and they will often pay more than the sticker price indicates. This means you don’t have to worry about pricing too low.

Donating the proceeds of your yard sale

  • After your event is finished you can easily donate the proceeds on via our website:
  • Just click on the donate button with the lovely little white dog wearing pink. 
  • You will automatically receive an email thank you that you can use as your tax receipt- remember your donation to PFA is tax deductible!

Finally, PFA loves our supporters and we would be thrilled to mention you on our Facebook page! Please send some photos of yourself, friends, and family at your yard sale to

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